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We are a Non-Governmental Organisation, represents

Ceylonese community in Kuantan, Pahang, MALAYSIA

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INAGURAL MEETING - 3rd October, 1955

Below is an extract of the minutes of the meeting when the Association was formed.

The very first meeting of the Ceylonese of Kuantan was held at the ground floor of the Lo Pan Hong premises at the Workshop Road, Kuantan. They met a little later than 5:30 p.m. on 3rd October, 1955.

A letter from Mr. A.S.Maniam urging the formation of the Indo-Ceylonese Association was read out to those present. As a result of Mr. A.S.Maniam having had a talk with the members of the pro-term Committee a day before the meeting it was mutually agreed that there would be no further action taken on this letter.

The Honorary Secretary outlined the purpose for the meeting. It was pointed out that the formation of the Ceylonese Association with a premises to house it, must remain the sole objective of every Ceylonese before proposing or thinking of any merger with any other Organisation or Association could be considered. These briefly were the views of the pro-term Committee Members and the house unanimously accepted the proposal without any objections.

Then the rules and bye-laws of the draft constitution came in for scrutiny of the house.

As a number of Ceylonese from the neighbouring districts were expected to be enrolled as members, Mr. A. S. Maniam proposed and Mr. N. S. Maniam seconded that the Association be known as Ceylonese Association East Pahang, Kuantan. This proposal was unanimously accepted by everyone present.

With minor additions and amendments in effecting which Mr. Nagamuthu showed superb form, the draft constitution was passed - Mr. E. Mailvaganam and Mr. Vallipuram proposing and seconding respectively.

The following were elected as officer bearers:-

1. President - Messrs Mylvaganam Thambyayah and Poornavelu were proposed. Both declined in favour of Mr. Pius Vendargon, who was unanimously elected.

2. Vice-President - The three names mentioned above again came in for Vice-President.

3. Mr. Thamyayah was elected unanimously as both Messrs Mylvaganam and Poornavelu decided to opt out.

4. Hon. Secretary - Messrs Poornavelu and Rajaratnam were generous in their appreciation of the work done by Mr. Nadarajah as pro-term Secretary. They got the consensuses of the house to accept Mr. Nadarajah as the Hon. Secretary.

5. Treasurer - the nomination of Mr. Harichandra proposed by Mr. A. Sinnappah seconded by Mr. A. S. Maniam was unanimously accepted by the house.

6. Committee Members - Messrs E. Mylvaganam, Nagarajah, S. S. Nathan, Poornavelu and Rajaratnam were unanimously elected.

7. Auditors - Messrs Nagamuthu and A. S. Maniam were elected proposed by Mr. Poornavelu and Mr. Kanagaratnam respectively.

8. Sports Secretary - Mr. Kanagaratnam proposed by Mr. S.Durairajah Singam, seconded by Mr. Vallipuram.

9. Literary Secretary - Mr. S. Durairajah Singam, proposed by Mr. N. S. Maniam, seconded by Mr. S. Nadarajah.

10. Social Secretary - Mr. N. Nadarajah proposed by Mr. S. K. Jeyasingam and seconded by Mr. Harichandra.

Messrs Poornavelu and K. N. Rajah registered their support for the worthy course by offering to become the first two Life Members of the Association. It is hoped that their example will be followed by many more members.

Management Committee

Title Name
President Dr. S Sandraprakash
Vice President Dato' A Ramanathan
Secretary Mrs. Jeyarani Parama Dorai
Treasurer Mr. V Gunendran
Sports Secretary Mr. R Rajasilvan

Committee Members

Title Name
Member Mr. A.S. Sundram
Member Dato Dr V. Umadevan
Member Mr. M. Paramajothy
Member Mrs. Suguna Inparajah
Member Mr. S. Suriakumar
Member Mr. S. Gunasundram

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